Flight Simulator

Clint goes for a leisurely afternoon flight. When his dad pushes the wrong button and sends them into a nose dive, panic sets in. Does Clint manage to pull them out in time to land safely, or do they crash and burn? Will Clint ever forgive his dad? Stories with Clint is back, and you’ll have to listen to find out.

Video: Clint Saving Frogs

Clint went to Hawaii with some family members over the Holidays. While they enjoyed the fun and scenery, the only thing they couldn’t enjoy was their pool, which got filled with muddy water after a rainy night.

Here is a video of Clint saving some frogs that fell into the pool.

Special guest appearances by his brother-in-law Brady, his nephew Tate, his niece Ella and his horrified mother Lynn.

So Clint Walks into a Bar…

Clint takes a walk on the wild side and starts visiting a local bar… to drink the Diet Coke. He soon gets himself into a frightening situation involving a drunken man and his “girl.”

Note: The drunken man’s identity has been withheld from the story, and he will be played by respected Detroit thespian Theodore Nugent.

Clint’s Paper Route: The Stalker

Clint finds some unwelcome company while delivering papers. Try as he might, he just can’t seem to lose a mysterious blue truck that won’t stop following him. But who was it? The answer may surprise you.

Moral of the story: if you’re trying to lose someone at two in the morning, you don’t have to use your turn signal.